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When you take care of you, you're more emotionally available for your family and friends and science has tells us your sense of happiness and well being increase.

So many of us are overwhelmed by our world today. We want to help you invite joy into your life, become fit and healthy, and find ways to stay balanced. 

Creating joy

The word art can be a big, scary thing. Most people immediately think of painters and sculptors. Oy! 

The fact is, all of us are creative or a creator in some way. Perhaps you have the knack for decorating, the gift of entertaining or creating events. Maybe you bake lovely cakes, grow a garden, or like to make greeting cards. 

These creative outlets help bring much needed states of creativity flow. You know, the place when time stands still be cause you love what you're doing so much.

Fitness and nutrition

When your body feels good your spirits are brighter. Health and wellness are the foundation for a happier life. Through good nutrition and regular movement, you can springboard your energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

Mindfulness practices

Staying centered and grounded can be difficult in today’s society of pop-culture and comparison. Some people meditate, others pray, and some journal. Being mindful and maintaining a sense of calm and grace can be as easy as setting a daily intention. 

With gumption and grace,
Camille St. Onge & Samantha Moran