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COVID: Thank you for your patience on shipping times. For safety, products are taking a smidge longer than normal.
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Well hello!
I'm Camille St. Onge, designer, podcaster and educator.

Thank you so much for being here. I couldn't be more excited and honored.

Art & Creative

Creativity is good for you. Whether it’s being artful, creative, or designing an artful space that makes your home your haven, it’s all good for your heart.

My formal education is in commercial art and design. I hope that my designs and ideas bring a smile.


The foundation to well-being is care of your body. Movement and nutrition are key. After years of focusing on fitness as a CrossFit coach, I enjoy sharing knowledge. Helping people improve their health is truly an honor. 


In my humble opinion, you can’t be fully balanced unless you recognize the needs of your soul. 

I have found that mindfulness practices like journaling, mediation, affirmations, prayer and communing with others really, really make a huge difference in life. My podcast is a great way to learn from others and fill your heart. 


Living in the great Pacific Northwest
I am fortunate enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, only a couple of miles from the Salish Sea. And, just behind me are the mountains. It's spectacular here.

My husband and I live on eight acres with old-growth cedars, flowers for days, bee hives, a vegatable garden and my art studio. Deer, bunnies, and birds are all about.

I have three kilns on property and hope to some day soon be offering studio classes.

Educating through my podcast
I have a serious passion for helping people live their best lives. By finding our own unique art like bringing people together, cooking, creating, or drawing ... we can live happier lives. Blancing that with health adn wellness truly can allow our souls sing and dance withhappiness. I hope my podcast can help you explore your art, body and soul.

Things I adore
I love butterflies, honey bees, polka dots, coffee, pink donuts with sprinkles, succulents, stationary and art of all kinds 💙💜🧡 Oh, and did I mention my little kitty Foo Foo? I love her too.

Earth, pass it on
I'm also keen on taking care of our world. I upcycle just about everything and am an avid thriftstore shopper (my mom taught me the thrill of a good thriftstore find). I recycle everything, compost, and most of my products are made in the U.S. and Canada.

My sincere wishes to you
I hope you find something fun and beautiful here. Please know happy energy went into each and everything idea, thought and product here. I truly wish you well! 

Take care,

Camille 🌎