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Katy Murray and Mallory Long are passionate about helping people establish a healthy relationship with food and hit their life goals. They're making the world a better through healthy living coaching. WE'll chat about how they found this passion and how they help others. Find them at https://www.instagram.com/flexfuel.nutrition/

McKenzie Santimer knows the science of gems and the art of wielding them into jewelry. Hailing from Hawaii, McKenzie shares her story of how one high school art class with a gemologist changed her life. Today, McKenzie is the assistant curator and lead exhibit designer for the world's foremost research and educational facility in the field of gemology, the Gemological Institute of America. She's handled some of the world's oldest and most interesting gems. At her heart, she's a maker with roots in jewelry design. Join me in this lovely conversation with McKenzie.

 Dr. Jannine Krause is a naturopath in the Pacific Northwest who specializes in managing the effects of stress, gut health, and anti-aging health approaches. She's also an acupuncture caregiver and lover of fitness.

In this conversation with Dr. Krause, you'll learn what is so very different about the naturopathic caregiving approach and how she takes the whole person into account. Dr. Krause also reveals the education required to practice this type of health care.  

I hope you find it as interesting and inspiring as I did.

You can connect with Dr. Krause at https://doctorjkrausend.com/


If you need to jumpstart your meal prepping skills, you need to listen to this conversation with Nurse Midwife Lindsay Wilbanks. She's a nutrition enthusiast with mad skills when it comes to preparing meals for the go and to ensure success. Lindsay knows what it takes to dial in your food to get results, taking second place in her first natural bodybuilding competition, she's knows how to get success. She's also coached for Beach Body and helped motivated many people trying to improve their health and wellness.

Follow her on Instagram at Avid4Travel and on Facebook at LDWilbanks.


Have you ever wondered what reiki is? Wonder no more. In this fun episode, we find out. I talk with author, television and radio host Paula Vail. She is so joyful. Paula gives you a glimpse into the practice of reiki. She shares a story about her trip to Africa and the power of healing. I've asked Paula to join me again soon. There is so much to chat about!  

Paula is also offering a free copy of her book: Why am I so happy? Get a free copy at https://www.wellnessinspired.com/ (shipping not included). You can also find Paula on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/WellnessInspired

Thanks for listening.
Camille St. Onge

Blogger and Crossfit coach Andrea Baker loves life in all its glory and isn't shy about telling you so. She is learning to be a good friend to herself and finding the sweet spot in life, which I call balance.  Andrea is a masterful visual storyteller. You can find her on Instagram @drdrea4real. She's also an excellent writer. I encourage you to read her blog at https://welcometothemachine.blog/

This episode is part of the debut series  Art, Body & Soul: Your Life in Focus. Camille interviews Desiree Ley. Desiree studied sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts and is a Crossfit coach. She's lived and traveled the world but now finds herself in Lacey, Wash. as a   rising real estate professional. We learn about her talents and why she chose sculpture.